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Delivery Information

  • All delivery charges are based on location, milage, accessibility and time frames.
  • Each item will be delivered to an address and location as instructed by you, at a time convenient to your needs.
  • In the case of small item orders such as cables, we will despatch the goods via post or courier. The cost will be confirmed at the time of quotation.

Bulky and large items delivered to site

We are happy to supply service to accommodate any delivery and we will endeavour to deliver and install all items in a professional and safe manner.

If a service lift is not available, the client will need to ensure any public lift is available for use, and any protection is provided if necessary or if required from the building owner. If lift access is not available, deliveries may incur an additional cost due to the extra resources required.

When bulky and heavy items require delivery by hand, we cannot accept and liability for damage to walls, flooring or damage to any product being delivered once within the building.  For items moved via stairs, client will need to arrange protection as required.