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Office furniture: customised by you

Did you know you can customise your office chairs to suit your physical requirements, personal taste, or existing office décor? You can change and modify a range of elements, such as colour, fabric, base and arms.

As an example: On our website, the Horizon chair is shown with a red fabric covering, chrome base, and no arms. You can customise this chair in the following ways:

  • Fabric: You can simply change the colour – take a look at one of our swatchcards to see the huge choice of colours. Alternatively, you could change the fabric to a tweed, leather or faux leather, depending on your preference.
  • Base: Choose from the chrome base, as pictured on the website, or a black base.
  • Arms: You can add arms to the chair if required. On some chairs, arms have the option to be folded back when not in use.
  • Mechanism: The basic Horizon chair has lever operated back angle and seat angle adjustments. However, you can also choose the Operator Synchro option, in which the back and seat recline together in a fixed 2:1 ratio. They can be locked in position, or left in dynamic free-float mode to follow the user’s movements.
  • Finishing touches: Why not add a coat hanger or card holder to your customised chair?

It’s worth bearing in mind that the above examples are specific to the Horizon chair; however, the vast majority of our chairs can be customised in some way. To find out more, give us a call on 0118 9883009 or email