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How a change of colour could transform your office

Can the colour of your office décor and furniture improve productivity and happiness? Studies suggest this could be the case, with different colours linked to increased focus, thought and creativity.

Blue – An intellectual colour that inspires trust, efficiency and logical thought. Great for helping people to focus and stretch their minds.

Yellow – Represents creativity, optimism and openness. Try adding some yellow furniture or décor to areas where imagination and innovation are required, such as the art or marketing department.

Red – A physical colour that encourages strength and excitement. A good addition to areas where physical work takes place, such as a gym, workshop or warehouse.

Green – The colour of nature, and one which inspires balance and restoration. It’s commonly found in medical settings.

Orange – Creates a feeling of comfort by combining the optimism of yellow with the energy of red. It’s inviting and joyful, so often used in communal and breakout areas to encourage relationship building and laid-back interaction.

Purple – A rich, sumptuous colour which is often found in luxury spas and salons. Purple can also encourage deep thought and spirituality.


Of course, the colours you choose will depend hugely on the type of business you do, your existing corporate colours, the size of your office and of course personal preference!

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