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Best buy office furniture guide 2018

Bisley Essentials Desk High Tambour

We Like: High quality Bisley construction, economically priced, choice of popular colours. More info here.
Price guide £255*

Bisley Essentials Desk High Tambour

Tangent Task Chair

We Like: Distinctive styling, matching meeting chairs, best seller. More info here.
Price guide £120*

Summit Tangent Task Chair

Inflexion Task Chair

We Like:  Sculpted supportive back makes this a customer favourite, generous seat, matching meeting chairs. More info here.
Price guide £201*

Inflexion task chair

Bisley LateralFile Personal Storage Lodges

We Like:  Seamless backs, soft close doors, huge choice of colours, matching storage, robust construction. More info here.
Price guide £839*

Bisley LateralFile personal storage lodges

Bjorn Bistro Chair

We Like:  Stylish ribbed upholstery, chrome legs as standard, matching range of tables, chairs and stools. More info here.
Price guide £107*

Pledge Bjorn office bistro chair

Kind Meeting Chair

We Like: High quality, stackable, ideal for conference & training. More info here.
Price guide £129*

Fence 4 Seat Booth

We Like:  Great alternative to a meeting room, ideal for team collaboration, range of AV/Power options. More info here.
Price guide £2512*

Pledge Fence four seater meeting booth

  • Prices exclude VAT.