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Bisley Essentials cupboard capacity guide

With increasing demands on office space this handy diagram illustrates the A4 lever arch file storage capacity of Bisley Essential range cupboards, tambour cupboards and drawers.

Bisley Essentials Range Capacity Guide

Essentials is a range of ‘must have’ storage solutions.  With Bisley Essentials what you see is what you get – affordable, high quality storage to suit your needs.

Bisley Essentials office storage range

Key features of the Bisley Essentials Range

  • All units are 470mm deep and have been designed to fit A4 binders, lateral and suspension filing
  • Available in 7 of Bisley’s most popular colours: Goose grey, Traffic white, Black, Silver, Anthracite grey, Light grey and Chalk white
  • Tambour shutters available in Silver, Chalk, Light grey, Dark grey and Black
  • Essentials products come with appropriate number of shelves where applicable
  • All units will have Lowe and Fletcher AB series and locks
  • 5-year standard warranty and full after sale customer service
  • Bisley branded units as standard

View the full Bisley Essentials range here.