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Refurbished office furniture

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Refurbishing office furniture, as opposed to buying new, has a lot of environmental and cost benefits, and more

Cost benefits

Choosing refurbished office furniture makes a big impact on the difference in price. Buying new furniture can be extremely expensive, in fact a new set of furniture often doesn’t fit the budget for most businesses. It also takes more time to wait for new furniture to be manufactured and shipped.

Refurbished desks often save more office space and increase productivity in the workspace by 35%

As much as £90,000 can be saved in office space costs per year

If you intend to grow and expand your business, this is even more reason to not purchase new furniture and opt for refurbished ones and not waste extra time or money.

Office desks which are refurbished cost around 30%, or less, than the expense for new desks, so the amount that you save can be seen immediately.

Refurbished furniture typically comes with a 1-5-year warranty, which is the equivalent of new furniture.

Environmental benefits

When you purchase new furniture for your office, it takes resources to have this new furniture made, and to ship it causes an environmental impact.

Every ten office desks which are refurbished save up to a tonne of C02

Approximately 1.8 million office chairs and 1.2 million office desks end up in a landfill in the UK every year.

Refurbishing an office desk, for example, can cut its carbon footprint by 36%. Replacement of the desk top cuts its footprint by 18%. An office chair’s carbon footprint can be reduced to as much as 45%

Any office furniture which is left over after refurbishment, because it’s very common in offices that refurbish to have some of their old furniture unneeded, can be donated to schools or charities.

Other advantages

Refurbishing furniture is actually a popular trend in design, and is becoming more and more favoured, not just because of the benefits mentioned above. Refurbishing office furniture gives you a chance to reinvent the look of your office. You can repaint or even redesign the furniture completely. No one will even be able to tell that it’s a refurbished item.

It also gives your office a more unique look, which can improve the moods of your employees and reduce stress.

Refurbished furniture also tends to last much longer than new.
With new furniture, the resale value is much lower than the original. However, quality refurbished furniture can be resold at a high value, often higher than the original price. It has proven to be a very worthy investment.

If you think that refurbished furniture will make your office look shabby, you are completely wrong. As I already mentioned, refurbishing office furniture is the direction most businesses are going towards, because it can be made to look modern, and even better than new furniture.