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Our wide range of office furniture

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Looking for office furniture that upgrades the office to a modern, 21st-century place?

Sometimes, it may be hard to find a place with furniture affordable and modern, but at HSI Office Furniture, we have a large selection to fit your needs. A good office keeps it nice and simple with their chairs, desks, tables, storage units, and shelves amongst other things.

From the front door down to the coffee room, all must be presented to others with a warm, friendly manner that impresses the eye. Right here in Berkshire, HSI has all you are looking for.

We have many types of chairs for every person and every occasion. A chair for an executive, a chair for the boardroom, a chair for the reception, booth, and regular meetings all come from our selection.

Quality mesh office chairs for all budgets with models with and without arm rests, all unique with the ability to adjust for comfort. Then, there’s the large range of meeting chairs in the cantilever and standard leg styles, all fitted in your preference of fabric and color. For those who want ergonomic chairs, HSI Office Furniture has them to with the Posturemax for users who want extra back support and can take on extra weight.

Then there are our selection of desks, for individuals, bench style, sit & stand, and executive style. The best selling individual ‘Qore’ deskis up to the highest standards with its versatility and configuration for all floor plans in all offices.

The sit & stand desk can be adjusted to where a person could stand at their desk while working instead of being immobile in a chair. The Zenith Executive is built with clean lines and a retro finish and chrome legs in different lengths, all coming with a sliding door cupboard underneath and two drawers.

Nothing is complete in an office besides storage. At HSI Furniture, we can supply the office with cupboards, filing cabinets, and lockers courtesy of Bisley. The filing cabinets come in 2 to 5 drawers, all with a master lock, and built with full extension pulling it out. The lockers come in multiple sizes, which means multiple compartments, and presented with a multiple color palette. The tambours have sliding doors to save on space, reinforced with metal for sturdiness to keep everything in place. And, our mobile pedestals comes in its neutral fashion, an interlock that allows only one drawer at once, and a strong welded steel case.

In addition, HSI has furniture for reception and break rooms, plus accessories for all the cables being used and power modules. It has the same benefits like other pieces mentioned above. HSI sells furniture, as well as reupholsters and refurbishes them when the time is needed. And all of this is delivered straight to your office. Call or send an email to get started on creating the perfect office.