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The importance of service when buying office furniture

The provision of a quality pre & post sales service is just important as the furniture itself. Here are 5 questions to ask any potential office furniture supplier.

Can I evaluate chairs before I buy?
Office chairs need to accommodate many heights and weights, we provide chairs for evaluation and can recommend chairs for employees with health issues that may impact chair selection.

How can I be confident the desking or seating will fit in the space we have?
We can provide a free site survey and help you maximise your available space. Often, we can suggest space saving options and recommend furniture to suit your budget.

Will the furniture be supplied flat packed or fully assembled?
We are frequently asked to build flat packed furniture purchased from other office furniture suppliers. Often attractive internet deals will require self assembly – which is a large undertaking if you have ordered more than 10 chairs. As standard all the furniture we supply is assembled before delivery.

Will the furniture be positioned where we need it?
Some furniture suppliers only offer a doorstep delivery. We position your furniture where you need it.

How long is the furniture guaranteed for?
A chair which is guaranteed for 1 year will typically be suitable for light use. It’s a false economy to buy cheap office chairs and in our experience one or more important components fail quickly; spindles, action, back rests, castors, arms.