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What is the most sustainable office furniture?

Dark wooden boardroom table and black blardroom chairs

Most businesses, when it is time to refurbish or expand their offices, immediately begin to search for new furniture to buy for their new offices. This is actually a huge mistake, because it is the choice which costs the most, and the worst thing that you can do for the environment.

Which is the best?

Used, second-hand, and refurbished office furniture are the top choices.

This is because the only environmental disadvantage is the transport to move it which causes a carbon footprint. Purchasing new furniture and having it manufactured is much worse for the environment and the footprint is much larger.

The difference in cost is also huge. Purchasing all new furniture for your office often goes over the intended budget, and furniture which is second hand is much less costly.

Refurbished office furniture tends to last even longer than new furniture as well.

Also, the resale value of new furniture drops by a large amount, whereas with refurbished furniture it can actually increase after purchase. So, in the long run, refurbished furniture is actually a good investment.

Any disadvantages?

Purchasing second-hand and/or refurbished furniture means that it might not be in tip-top condition, but is often worth it because of the unique look it can give your office. You can also find refurbished furniture which looks very modern.

It is possible that some refurbished furniture may be sold without any warranty, so check for this because most can be sold with a 1-5-year warranty just like new furniture.

So, the advantages seem to outweigh the disadvantages.

Second best?

The next best choice for your office furniture would be re-manufactured furniture.

Re-manufactured furniture is ideal if your office is made up of steel and aluminium bases on chairs and desks, because it is reused, and softer parts are replaced.

It meets the needs and budget of clients, and it’s cheaper than buying new furniture but is the same in quality.

It’s better for the environment and has the same warranty.

The only difficulty with this option is that you need to find a re-manufacturer that agrees with your specifications and can meet the quality you want. Re-manufacturing is a good option but only if it’s done properly, so you have to ensure that you find a good provider.

To conclude, purchasing all new furniture for your office may seem like the obvious choice but it is not the right way to go. Nowadays, there are so many other options which are better for your pocket and the environment and, unfortunately, not everyone is aware of this.