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The ultimate local authority task chair

We are proud to serve several local authorities within the home counties & London supplying task seating, desks, screens and cost saving reupholstery of existing seating.  The task chair we generally recommend and have supplied for many years is the Rio which we manufacture in our Berkshire workshops.

  • Generous seat accommodates every size of user up to 18 stone in weight
  • Comfortable & supportive
  • Highly durable, sturdy construction which is guaranteed for 5 years
  • Inflatable lumbar support
  • Free float action
  • Seat slide
  • Arms can be folded back

Because the arms can be folded back by those that wish to work without them – the chair can be used across the office creating a uniform look. The high level of adjustability makes the Rio chair suitable for hot desking environments which are more commonly being adopted in council offices.

Rio local authority task chair

To request more information or to try a sample Rio chair, get in touch.