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Workplace trends – the rise of personal storage

Many factors have increased the popularity of personal storage lockers in the workplace.  As many employers adopt hot desking, remote working and flexible hours – the need for a space efficient personal storage area within the office has become greater.  Our working practices have undergone significant changes – long gone are the days of bulky computers, overflowing in-trays, reference manuals and files.  In today’s increasingly paperless office crowded & cluttered desks don’t provide the most favourable impression of a professional workplace.

Personal storage lockers are win-win for the business and employees alike, giving a cleaner, more organised impression and a dedicated fixed position storage locker for employees for personal effects, gym gear, handbags, umbrellas etc.  In data sensitive work areas such as call centres – lockers are essential for storing personal mobile phones or tablets.

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With a fabulous range of vibrant colours, storage is anything but boring and can make a real statement.

Bisley Personal Storage Lockers