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Bisley LateralFile Lockers – Power more. Protect more. Store more.

Five reasons why we think the updated Bisley LateralFile Lodges would be a great addition to your workplace

  1. They’re silent
     Soft-close hinges come as standard as do double-skin doors, which are not only more attractive and stronger, but they also help to dampen sound.
  2. They’re powerful
    Lockers become charging stations. Our LateralFile Lodges let users securely power up throughout the day. Plug in or connect via USB, no need to leave devices on desks or in corridors, and no excuses for flat batteries.
  3. They’re secure
    Electronic, barrel and key or RFID, whatever suits you, and your Facilities Management team. All locking solutions come with central controls and override options.
  4. They’re colourful
    With thousands or door and carcass colour combinations you can customise your workspace or co-ordinate it with your brand or to fit team personalities.
  5. They’re multitasking
    Choose double height for hanging coats or stowing cabin bags. Choose easy to access drawers at ground level to avoid the ungainly squat. Choose planter tops for relaxing greenery. Choose to use banks as space dividers for extra working areas. Choose adding counter tops and power for additional meeting places. Choose postal slots. Choose picture frames or business card holders. Choose whatever works for your business.Take a closer look:

Bisley LateralFile Lodges


HSI Furniture are proud to supply Bisley furniture across Berkshire and beyond.

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Bisley filing cabinets – choice at every price point

For metal storage we reccomend Bisley for excellent build quality and user orientated approach to design.  Bisley filing cabinets are still available in the traditional form factor we are all familiar with from 2 drawers to 5, view the range here.  HSI Furniture are Bisley main dealers in Berkshire.

A popular alternative to the traditional filing cabinet are Bisley combination units which combine filing capacity with cupboard storage for stationary etc. One advantage of these units is that they pertrude less than a traditional cabinet and sit flush with other Bisley storage such as tambours, bookcases and cupboards providing an neat and uncomplicated office space.

Bisley filing cabinets

These combination units are available in multiple configurations to suit your needs, get in touch to discuss your storage needs.

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New style Bisley LateralFile Lodges

This image provides a great illustration of how the Bisley LateralFile personal storage lodges have evolved and the configuration options available.  Now available with single or double height doors as shown and with the option of 2 storage drawers rather than locker doors on the bottom row.

  • Lockers available in banks of 4, 6, 8 or 10
  • Single height lodges are ideal for gym wear, lunches etc
  • Double height lodges can accomodate cabin luggage
  • Option of wood finish doors and wood tops
  • Locking options:  standard key, digital combination or RFID locks

Power & Charging
Lockers may be specified with USB charging point and power socket

To discuss your storage needs or a free site survey, get in touch.  HSI Furniture are Bisley main dealers and we serve businesses across Berkshire and beyond.

Bisley LateralFile Lockers

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Latest capacity guide for Bisley Lodges – what will you store in yours?

2018 has seen an evolution of the popular Bisley LateralFile personal storage lodge range.  The new capacity guide shown below is relevant to all the storage lodges in the Bisley range from the cost effective entry level Essential range to the corporate favourite – LateralFile.

This short video explains the features of the enhanced LateralFile Lodge range.

Whether you are looking for simple functional storage or to make your personal storage an attractive feature within the office – there’s a Bisley lodge to suit your needs. For guidance on the product families, sizes or configurations please get in touch.  We also supply free colour finish samples by post.

HSI are Bisley main dealers serving customers across Berkshire & beyond.

Bisley personal storage lodge brochure (PDF) – includes capacity guide

Bisley personal storage lodge capacity guide

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New style Bisley LateralFile Lodges support the agile office

Bisley LateralFile Lodges have recently undergone a subtle redesign to respond the need within contemporary agile offices for personal, temporary storage space.  The LateralFile Lodges previously know as MySpace lockers have long been a best seller, popular with both our corporate and public sector clients.  This timely evolution of the range will ensure it remains a customer favourite for years to come. HSI supply Bisley storage across Berkshire & beyond, get in touch for advice or a free site survey.

New style Bisley LateralFile Lodges – illustrated PDF


The colour palette offers traditional and contemporary shades which can be combined in striking checkerboard patterns.  You may choose to specify different colours for different work zones, get in touch to request metal finish colour swatches.  Wood door finishes are now an option and can be combined with metal doors.


Lockers may be specified with internal USB or PIN plugs – ideal for charging devices overnight or to enable employees to charge personal devices such as Fitbits or tablets.

Simplified specification

Doors are now a standard single or double height.  The bottom space may now be configured as a retractable drawer to maximise its accessible use.

Bisley LateralFile Lockers

Office Zoning

The aesthetic appeal of these lockers means they do not have to be located on the perimeter of the floorplate but become an integral part of the interior design, zoning spaces, breakout spaces and encouraging movement amongst employees.


Choose between simple key barrel locks, digital combination locks or an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification locks).

To discuss your storage needs or to request a no obligation site survey, get in touch.

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Make a statement with Bisley LateralFile Lodges

With ever increasing pressure on office space Bisley offer a versatile range of personal storage solutions to suit any budget. These storage lockers particularly lend themselves to hot desking environments and can be supplied with or without handy postal slots.  We offer free site survey and can measure up and reccomend a solution to meet your needs, having supplied Bisley storage for many years, we can advise you on all products across their range.

The Bisley LateralFile personal storage lodges are an established favourite with our customers for the following reasons:

  • The backs of the lodges are seamless so can be used to divide spaces and structure work areas
  • Available with or without postal slots
  • Doors can be contrasting colours (checkerboard looks very effective)
  • Lodges can be mixed & matched with tambours, draw units, book cases & coat cupboards
  • Available 800mm or 1000mm wide and multiple heights
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Fabulous colour palette of traditional & contemporary colours
  • Superb quality & hand finished

The ability to add contrasting lodge doors (as shown below) enables storage to be used to reflect branding & add personality to a space.  Here are two colour schemes that we think work very well.

Bisley LaterFile Lodges

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Space saving budget friendly Bisley tambours

The new Essentials range from Bisley includes space saving Tambour cupboards prefitted with shelves and available in a range of sizes to suit any office environment. With Essentials what you see is what you get. Affordable, high quality storage to suit your needs.

All Bisley Essentials Tambours include the following features:

  • Prefitted with the appropriate number of shelves
  • All Tambours are 470m deep & have been designed to fit A4 binders, lateral and suspension filing
  • Lockable – Lowe & Fletcher A & B series locks
  • Factory fitted levelling feet
  • 5 year warranty & after sale customer service

A range of optional fitments are available including filing, shelves & coat rails.

Bisley Essentials Range

The Bisley Essential Range Colour Palette

Choose from a range of best selling colours.

Bisley Essentials Palette




For more information on Bisley office storage or to request a site visit, drop us a line today.

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Bisley lockers – a flawless solution for changing lifestyles

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, in today’s modern living environment there is a growing need to fit in a lot more into the working day which in turn means carrying around more of our personal belongings. These are just a few examples of items commonly stored in lockers:

  • Cycling gear
  • Gym clothes
  • Toiletries
  • Shoes
  • Umbrella
  • Handbag
  • Snacks

There’s a wealth of locker sizes and configurations available and you can choose lockers with or without postal slots. With many offices adopting hot desking and other space optimising strategies, personal lockers provide a cost effective, clutter free solution.

HSI Furniture are Bisley main dealers, get in touch to discuss your storage requirements or to request a free site survey.

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Workplace trends – the rise of personal storage

Many factors have increased the popularity of personal storage lockers in the workplace.  As many employers adopt hot desking, remote working and flexible hours – the need for a space efficient personal storage area within the office has become greater.  Our working practices have undergone significant changes – long gone are the days of bulky computers, overflowing in-trays, reference manuals and files.  In today’s increasingly paperless office crowded & cluttered desks don’t provide the most favourable impression of a professional workplace.

Personal storage lockers are win-win for the business and employees alike, giving a cleaner, more organised impression and a dedicated fixed position storage locker for employees for personal effects, gym gear, handbags, umbrellas etc.  In data sensitive work areas such as call centres – lockers are essential for storing personal mobile phones or tablets.

We are a main dealer for Bisley & provide a consultative approach with free planning and site surveys. See our full range of Bisley Personal Storage Lockers.

With a fabulous range of vibrant colours, storage is anything but boring and can make a real statement.

Bisley Personal Storage Lockers